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Friuli Venezia Giulia, on the border of Slovenia
Olives in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region A Salumeria in Norcia, Umbria Region The Grey Pig of Cansentino, Tuscany Region
A Wine Tasting Room in Lombardia Aging Parmeggiano Regiano in Modena area, Emilia Romagna

A glass of wine in hand, the aroma of herbs slow cooking in a large pot over the fire, while the nonna stands rolling out strips of freshly made pasta with an old wine bottle.  Our host greets us with a warm smile and asks us to share his table while his wife presents a platter of freshly sliced prosciutto, home cured olives, and mostarda.  The room is filled with energy and passion, the conversation lively, and the interest shown in their guests is genuine.  You feel at home in this place, you feel welcome, and you ask yourself why this does not happen every day.

For your hosts, this does happen every day.  They welcome you into their home with no pretense, and allow you to live another life for an all too brief period of time.  It is a life where people love their community, their land, their families, and the food and wine that nourishes them.  To them, there is nothing else.  To you it is something magical.

These are the adventures we will show to you on a trip with Musetto to the heart of Italy.  We refer to all of the places we visit as the "heart" of Italy, because it is not about the is about the people.
some words from our clients and friends...
"Our trip to Italy was the trip of a lifetime.  We have been to Europe before.  We've planned our own trips and found some great, undiscovered gems, but nothing can match the trip Jon and Crystal of Musetto planned for us.  Thanks to their experience and connections, we found ourselves in the homes of winemakers, at uncrowded agritourismos with amazing views, enjoying sidewalk cafes and village taverns with the best, simple Italian food and wine, providing us with an experience we would never forget.  A beach house overlooking the Ligurian Coast was a highlight - spending all day with the owner of the house, who was also an acclaimed vintner in that area - capped off with a fabulous dinner at one of his favorite local restaurants - is a memory that is hard to beat.  But then again there was the afternoon spent with Marco Tintero at his winery in Piemonte, sitting in his family's hillside picnic shack overlooking the vineyards, sampling his wines all afternoon, along with bread and salumi, laughing, pictures, then a tour among the barrels, where Marco picked out some wine for us to take home (along with t-shirts) - completely free of charge.  Or the cooking class in Genoa - learning how to make pesto, a delicious walnut sauce, breadsticks, focaccia, chopping herbs, stuffing chickens, then enjoying a delicious cheesey focaccia and wine on the terrace after our morning labors, only to be sent out to enjoy ourselves for the afternoon (walks in Portofino along the gorgeous coast, exploring a local wine bar), and then returning to a lovely dinner to enjoy the fruits of our labor earlier in the day.  Although we are comfortable traveling to Europe on our own, we never would have found the great places that Jon and Crystal lined up.  Across northern Italy, we got to meet the real people of Italy - winemakers, cheesemakers, olive oil producers, chefs - complete with tours, food, wine, family - and came away with an insider's experience that no one else can match.  Thank you Musetto!"  - Kris B.

"This was a very special trip because of the unique relationships that Musetto has with the people and places of Lunigiana, and because of the weeks and months of planning and preparation. The accommodations were fantastic, the experiences unforgettable, the food unbelievably wonderful, the history fascinating, and memories of the people met along the way will linger on long after the trip is over. Thank you so much to Musetto and your Italian friends for introducing us to the treasures of Lunigiana! Get there before everyone else discovers it!!" - Cindy N.

"My wife and I wanted to do something special for our 25th anniversary. We had met Jon and Crystal through Slow Food and that's how we found out about their trip to Italy - "Two faces of Tuscany". Before we left on the trip Crystal told us of some the the experiences that we would have. I had very high expectations for our 2 weeks. The culinary and cultural adventures were beyond our expectations. We made pecorino and ricotta cheese's with the shepherd then had lunch with him and his family, traveled to the Sanctuary of La Verna (where St. Francis of Assisi received the stigmata), and my favorite, all of us went truffle hunting with Zorro, the truffle hunting dog, finding quite a few black and white truffles. These and more are truly memories that will last us a lifetime."  - Eric H.

"This trip cannot be topped.  Your Italian partners are GOLD, and so is Lunigiana.  I do not feel the need to go anywhere else in Italy, because Lunigiana is so rich, but then again, this trip made me realize how amazing Italy is, and in many ways makes me want to explore other regions because I am sure they have similar depth, passion, discoveries, food and traditions to get to know.  We can’t thank you enough for sharing your passion with us and for putting this trip together." - Kristine and Dave

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