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Taste of Italy

Where does the best olive oil come from in Italy?  Ask Italians and you will get a different answer each time...and they are each telling you the truth, straight from their hearts.  The Italian countrymen take such great pride in their culture, their land, and their traditions, that they will always believe theirs is the best.  Even people from the same region will argue that their hillside produces better olives or that their process is cleaner or they pick at just the right time.  This passion for their land, their crops, their harvest, and the preparation of their food results in simple but beautiful meals everywhere you go and a love for the people who produce them.  This is true of the wine, the pasta, the meats and cheeses, even the espressi!  On our trips to Italy, we will introduce you to the proud and passionate farmers and producers.  We will cook with the chefs and dine with the locals.  We are passionate about the people and their culture, the food and the slow lifestyle.  Our passion extends to sharing this with others and our hopes lay in people carrying some of that culture back home.
creating a slow food culture at home
The Musetto co-founders, Jon and Crystal Gonzales, also founded The El Dorado Meat Collective and helped form and served on the board of a Slow Food Chapter in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California.  It is our mission to pass on the principles of Slow Food - good, clean, fair food practices through conviviality with others.  We value eating close to the source and we appreciate our farmers.  We support sustainable farming, ranching and food processing, and enjoy good food and good conversation at the table.  As is said in Italy, "a tavola, non si invecchia mai" (at the table one never grows old).

italian products
While we have a passion for introducing people to the Slow Food lifestyle, and that includes eating local and supporting farmers in their region.  We also understand how easy it is to fall in love with a particular product while in Italy and wanting to take a little home to share with others.  Musetto will help in logistics for you to ship items to your home.