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Trips & Adventures    below are SAMPLE offerings.      
Are you intersted in booking a unique culinary tour of Italy designed just for you and your friends, family or colleagues?  Would you be interested in booking one of our traditional tours for a private group? 

While our trips are most often designed for 6 guests, three rooms, double-occupancy, we can accomodate as few as 2 persons and as many as 10 individuals.  We understand that one size does not necessarily fit all.  If you have a small group of 2-10, we will be happy to work with you to design a trip around your group and your particular interests.  With "i nostri veri amici in Italia" -- our good friends in Italy, we have knowledge and expertise in many parts of the country; though our focus will always be on food and wine, there are magical trips to be found all over the Italian pennisula.  Just let us know what you are interested in, how many people in your group, and your preferred travel dates.  Musetto will put together an itinerary that will ignite your passions and fit your budget.

The following trips are scheduled for 1-2 week excursions around your schedule.  Planning and booking requires several months of advanced notice.  If you are interested in booking one of the tours below or would like to talk with us about designing your own trip, just complete the "contact us" form with your contact information and questions or submit an inquiry under "design your own trip" and we will reach out to you to discuss your desires.      

Two Faces of Tuscany Secrets of Ancient Passages - Lunigiana
Join Musetto for a gastronimical tour of the Deep Forests of Casentino and the Sweet Hills of Chianti, where you will enjoy the epicurean adventure of a lifetime  as we take a very small group on an unforgettable tour of food, culture and tradition in Tuscany. 

We will visit two distinct regions, the deep forested mountains of the Casentino region and the rolling vineyards and horizons of the Chianti region.  Three nights will be spent in natural stone cottages that are the result of a careful restoration of old farmhouses in the hills surrounding the Casentino valley.  The following four nights will be spent at a tranquil agriturismo (working farm) in the stunning hills of Chianti.  Dine in the homes of Italian chefs, visit hidden historical sites, spoil yourself with Tuscan wines, be amazed by the ancient architecture and art of Northern Italy, and work hands on with artisanal butchers, cheese makers and cooks as are you are immersed in the Italian culture. 

This trip has been designed for us by a very good friend and Professor of Gastronomy at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy, who reached out to his friends and acquaintances through the university and his work with Slow Food Italy to develop the experience of a lifetime.  It is a very unique tour of the food culture and epicurean delights of Tuscany, with several opportunities for private receptions, hands-on instruction, and access to people and places seldom met by tourists to Italy. 

This tour will be an intimate encounter with the food, wine and people of Italy. Musetto limits this trip to 6 persons.

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Musetto Adventures is very excited about offering a unique itinerary to Lunigiana, in the Provence of Massa Carrara Tuscany.  The name Lunigiana is derived from an ancient Roman City, Luni founded in 177 BC., which served as the main passage from central Italy over the Apennines into Reggio Emilia and through Liguria into Gaul (France).

In the middle ages, under the powerful Malaspina dynasty, Lunigiana controlled the port passage from Tuscany to Lombardy, Parma, Reggio Emilia and Liguria.  For hundreds of years, countless wars and feudal dynasties divided the region, leaving numerous castles and fortifications spread across Lunigiana.  Finally, in the 19th century, Italy’s unification brought Lunigiana under the regional control of Tuscany.  Today the area is known as the “Land of 100 Castles”.

Lunigiana is the proud home to Man and Biosphere (MAB), and UNESCO sites, where 70% of all Italian animal species are found.  Due to the lack of industrialization, Lunigiana leads a slower way of living, showcasing traditions, humble farming following age-old traditions.  Lunigiana has a fascinating history, proud people and unique Slow Food Presidia products.  Watch the video of traditional foods here.

Come along with Musetto Adventures and explore unspoiled valleys, The Apennines and Apuan Alps, small mountain borgo’s to a seaside that boasts even more beauty than the northern Cinque Terre, without the crowds! And of course, sample the one-of-a-kind flavors of the luniginese cuisine and wine along the way, with small cooking classes, dinners with local chefs, visits to producers and wineries, and more.