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Franciscan Sanctuary of La Verna, Casentino Area of Tuscany Verona, in the Veneto Region Welcome to Musetto
At Musetto, we are in the business of personal and exquisite experiences, whether it's a private dinner with a chef in your home, a cooking class with a world renowned artist, or a back-country tour of the farms, foods and wines of Italy.  We believe that real happiness is not something that you can find when you are rushing through life.  It can, however, be found by those who slow down and appreciate the world and it's riches.  It can come from a simple meal with good friends, a meaningful debate over a glass of wine, creating something beautiful in the kitchen and sharing it with others, or raising your own food.  Good food is a beautiful reflection of a life well lived and we are passionate about sharing our foodie experiences with you.
Freshly served Pancetta and Pears, La Garfagnana, Tuscany
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Friuli Venezia Giulia on the border of Slovenia The TRAVEL Experience
Our trips are the quintessential "hands-on" experience.  We stay in agritourismos (small working farms) or old villages in rural areas of Italy.  We work with friends and Slow Food acquaintences to design visits to small artisan food producers where we immerse ourselves in their traditions, watching and learning, helping to cook, cure, or cultivate, and eating and drinking at their tables.  We visit ancient historical areas of interest, architectural wonders, and art museums between our visits to producers, farmers, chefs, and trattorie.  Our tours are limited to no more than 6 guests (see Group Tour information below for other options).

What we don't do:  we do not ride in busses, talk into megaphones, or ask you to wear a headset! 

On a Musetto adventure in the heart of Italy, you are guaranteed to experience memories to last a lifetime.
Our events offer the opportunity to learn from masters of their trade, cook with chefs, explore traditional foods from other cultures, and make new friends.
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If you are interested in one of our upcoming trips please visit the Trips & Adventures page and click Submit Inquiry to provide us with your information, or simply navigate to our Contact Us page where you can submit questions not directly related to a specific trip.  In either case, one of us will contact you to discuss your interests in our trips, then agree together which trip is right for you. 

If you are interested in attending one of our fabulous events, please visit the Events page for more information.
group tours

We know that many people are interested in traveling with small groups of friends, families, or colleagues.  For information about designing or booking a group tour, visit our Group Travel page at this link: